Who Is Universal Gemological Laboratory (UGL)?

Universal Gemological Laboratory is an independent firm that identifies, appraises, and evaluates gemstones and jewelry. We perform these services for the jewelry trade and the public. Following are some of the services we provide:

  • Pre-purchase evaluation

  • Post-purchase confirmation

  • Appraisal for the purpose of obtaining insurance

  • Diamond certification

  • Appraisal for the purpose of liquidation

  • Appraisal for tax purposes

  • Colored stone identification

  • Diamond mapping of inclusions

These are just a few of the many services we perform. Our staff are all graduate gemologists, G.I.A. and/or diamond graduates, G.I.A.

When you visit Universal Gemological Laboratory, you can expect to be treated with the respect you deserve. We explain the complete appraisal process in detail. You are present at all times and the appraisal is performed in front of you, while you watch.

Each of the staff at Universal Gemological Laboratory possesses at least one or all of the following credentials:

  • Graduate Gemologist (G.I.A.)

  • Associate Member, ISA

  • Senior Accredited Gemologist, AGA

  • Diamond Graduate (G.I.A.)

UGL’s services are used by a wide variety of clients:

  • Banks

  • Diamond wholesalers

  • Online sellers

  • Retail-buying public

  • Retail stores

  • TV jewelry sellers

    Visit our blog and ask us a question! At www.UGL-USA.blogspot.com